Sunday, June 7, 2009

WW Meeting Update

I really enjoy going to my Saturday morning WW meeting. Below was the topic for the week. Please add to the list, I'm always looking for ways to save at the grocery store.

Top 10 Tips for Eating on a Budget
  1. Buy in Season-I love all the fresh fruit this time of year.
  2. D.I.Y.-That's right, do it yourself. Cut up your fruits and vegetables, instead of buying prepackaged. Buy whole chickens and cut them up, you'll save a ton, just make sure you have a good sharp knife.
  3. Raid the Freezer-Through out the year, make double and freeze meals.
  4. Make a List-This is huge. I downloaded a grocery list off the Internet and every week I post a new one on the fridge. Through out the week we just check off what we need.
  5. Think Filling Foods-In other words, limit the processed junk food. Buy whole foods, they fill you up faster and stay with you longer.
  6. Bring Your Own-You could easily spent $10 per day on lunch. Brown bag it. Save money and your waistline.
  7. Buy Bulk-When possible, buy in bulk. Make sure you'll be able to use it before it goes bad. If somethings a great deal at the grocery store, buy 2 or 3.
  8. Patrol Portions-What a concept! Watch your portions and your waistline and wallet will benefit.
  9. Clip Coupons-Tip...only use coupons on items you already purchase and wait until they go on sale. There's great online coupon sites to help determine if it's a good time to use a coupon. I like
  10. Be a Bean Counter-Fiber, Fiber, Fiber! or Penny, Penny, Penny! Try to get as much fiber as possible, it will keep you full longer and it will do your body good. I also bring a calculator with me to the grocery store.

"If hunger is not the is not the answer."


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